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As soon as a report becomes available, it's served immediately to the Claim's Administrator, as specified on the California Code of Regulations S9785. A digital copy of the same report is also available to the Applicant and Defense Attorneys through My ROI Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Physician Reporting Duties

(c) The primary treating physician, or a physician designated by the primary treating physician, shall make reports to the claims administrator as required in this section. A primary treating physician has fulfilled his or her reporting duties under this section by sending one copy of a required report to the claims administrator.

(d) The primary treating physician may transmit reports to the claims administrator by mail or FAX or by any other means satisfactory to the claims administrator, including electronic transmission.

Serving one copy of a required medical report to the claims administrator, by US Mail, FAX, and including electronic billing, has fulfilled our reporting duties.


Preferred Method Of Service

"Claims administrators' offices and representatives' offices may designate first class mail, electronic mail or fax as their preferred method of service for receiving documents from the district office and the appeals board. The designated method of service shall be the same for all active cases for that claims administrator's office or representative's office."

This section code only applies to "receiving legal documents from the district office and the appeals board."