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James M. Fait, MD APC

Qualified Medical Evaluator

It is the vision of James M. Fait, MD APC to provide its patients with the highest quality of healing and recovery care available. James M. Fait, MD APC is an industry leader, with knowledge and precision of practice. Our team proudly offers highly effective and results-oriented corrective chiropractic care, advanced acupuncture, customized programs, as well as therapeutic massages to help you feel your best.

Our philosophy is to provide our patients with the most comprehensive, personalized, effective, and lasting health care by combining conventional medicine with the most cutting-edge techniques. We place an emphasis on ensuring patients are treated in a personal and compassionate manner, which is why our patients continually recommend us to friends and family.

For treatment aimed at resolving your pain and its underlying conditions, as well as restoring your function and mobility, reach out to the James M. Fait, MD APC team anytime to arrange a consultation or appointment.

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